Since taking a natural approach to health, in 1995, health and wellness have played a huge part in my interest.  I worked almost exclusively as a “Natural Health Coach” for years, until writing “Open My Eyes, Open My Soul” and moving out onto the subject of Diversity or PROversity.

Currently, I work with two amazing companies that bring cutting edge technologies to the public and providing the tools for modern day health and wellness.

Enagic has  created a technology that brings “Kangen Water “,  a trademarked name, that means “return to origin”.  This ionized alkaline small water technology was once only available in Japanese hospitals.  It is now affordable and available to the homes of the US and growing into other countries as well.  They also offer a referral awards progrom.  To find out more visit:

Trivita is a company based in Scottsdale, Az. They are known for quality supplements with a leading R&D team.  They have a leading marketing strategy that markets to people via infomercials and offer a Rewards program to it’s members.


I am available for group talks or individual consulations on the subject of health and wellness.


Elodia Tate Speaking

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