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Elodia Tate Speaking

Presentations for Corporate or General Audiences 

Diversity – PROversity 

Keynote Presentation or General Session:  1 to  1 1/2 hoursAll Audiences 

Elodia Tate took Diversity 101 growing up with a family of blended cultures. She is Caucasian, Hispanic & Native American. Also, she has four children who are blended with African-American.  She gives us a humorous glimpse of her life, which inspired the best-selling book,  “Open My Eyes, Open My Soul”.

She prefers the term PROversity to Diversity. Rather than focusing on how we are different, why not focus on how we are the same?  

Elodia will choose stories and poetry excerpts from her best-selling book, “Open My Eyes, Open My Soul”. Some may laugh, some may cry but all will be enlightened.  This presentation gives the attendees new tools for communicating based on our commonalities, not our differences. 

Your audience will walk away with a different view of humanity and new ways to connect with others. 

This is a multi-media presentation. 

*This presentation can be customized for your organization. 

Health & Wellness  

Keynote Presentation or General Session:  1 to  1 1/2 hours All Audiences  

“Infinite Paths To Wellness” :  

This inspiring presentation tells the true real life story of Elodia, as a young mother dealing with a chronic illness, lupus/SLE and her journey to wellness, once she looked beyond traditional medicine and was ready to receive a healing. 

Anyone dealing with an illness, regardless of the label attached, or just wanting to maintain their health will be able to relate and connect to this message of “Hope”.   

Her story was first published in a 5 story sampler of “Chicken Soup for the Enriching Soul” co-authored by Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield.   

Elodia has been health coaching others since 1995.  She shares information on the many roads to healing and why she believes there are infinite paths to wellness, once you believe! 

*This program is perfect for any organization wanting better health for their attendees or for companies that supply alternative health care services to the community 

Workshops or Breakout Sessions 

(1 to 1 1/2 hour), half day (4 hours) or full day (5 or more hours) 

Diversity-Team Building 

“Personality Style Communication” 

There was a common thread in our stories, in “Open My Eyes, Open My Soul”, where perspectives were changed as the result of a defining moment, and that thread was communication.   

This workshop explores the verbal and non-verbal ways we can better communicate with one another, in order to cross over those barriers and find the mutual ties we have to humanity and become a more productive unit. 

  Your group will learn: 

  • The four communication styles & how to work within them

  • How negative & positive thoughts affect our communication  

  • How to watch for non-verbal signals being communicated  

  • How to use your body language to make someone open up to you  

  • Enlightened on how we incorrectly label others and how damaging it can be to communicate with them, based on those factors. 

 Humor Presentations Tailored for  

Women’s Groups Dealing with Women’s Issues 

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